Import anything. Export anything.

Do it everywhere.

The new standard in data transfers. Just add our button onto your site and transform your platform into a big data solution. It’s the fastest way to import data, for you and your customers.

Quidtree: Data-Transfers-as-a-Service

Your business model relies on integrating your customers' data.

So tell me, why is the integration process so complicated?

Your end users deserve better!

No more ...

... filling out manual forms.

... uploading static files.

... using 3rd party tools to integrate.

... investing in IT for API integrations.

Welcome to the future of data transfers.

Ideal for

Search Comparison Sites


CRM Systems

Analytics Tools

MarTech Solutions

Enterprise Solutions


Data integration without a hassle.

Non-tech set-up, as simple as adding a tag.

  • immediate integration
  • easy documentation and support
  • high data security standards
  • secure-single-on enabled


Complete customization with the click of a button.

Full transparency of your customers' data transfers for immediate oversight.

  • overview of all your customer's data transfers
  • customization of what can be imported
  • customization of business logic
  • customization of corporate design

User Experience

No more black-box

Automated scheduled data imports with drag-n-drop business rules.

  • immediate integration for the non-tech end user
  • no barriers to enter
  • fully intuitive
  • data optimization and enrichment
  • real-time analysis and corrections
  • full control with full transparency

End User Features

Intuitive data mapping

Import, optimize, done.

  • scheduled imports with dynamic parsing technology
  • synced imports throughout all data sources
  • AI-driven business rules
  • real-time analytics
  • fast big data views

All Summed Up

Power up your tool with Quidtree

Easy for you to embed in your tool

Easy for your customers to integrate

Easy to turn your tool into a big data tool


  • shorten your integration period from months to minutes
  • increase user experience with automated imports at the click of a button
  • increase the data quality and ensure data standards
  • less tech-support needed to focus more on account management
  • remove the black-box increasing the data insight on both sides
  • encourage users to integrate any and all data applicable for better optimization

Increase sales faster

Onboard clients faster

Reduce support

Automate processes

Increase data quality

Customize your portal

Improve transparency

Improve user experience