are nothing, without the


behind them.

We pride ourselves on delivering amazing solutions, but no matter how good our products are, our people will always be better.



The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, solving problems through out-of-the-box thinking, and creating, curating and fostering long-lasting relationships.



IT-Development Agency

with focus on SaaS-Solutions with stunning design.

What we do

Support with your digital transformation and software development needs

Who we are

Innovative, motivated team with a passion for solving tough problems and creating impressive solutions through smart software with a stunning design

What we Know

Passionate about, skilled in, experienced with
IoT Devices • MarTech • Startups • Big Data • AI • Data Visualization • Data Transformation • Automated Business Processes • eCommerce • Content • Scalable, Stable, Fast SaaS-Solutions

Our Story

Founded in 2017 our small team took the software world by storm, through curating in-house software, helping others develop their own software, and consulting on the best way to build and market software.
We are located in Berlin and Wuerzburg and have a strong partnership in Colgone.

Accelerator Alumni

Successful graduate of Batch 19 of the Statzplatz Accelerator program.

Quidtree - Startplatz Accelerator



Tien Nguyen

Head of BE

Tien is one of the most capable developers that I've ever worked with. It's been a real opportunity to watch how his mind works and how he is able to solve complex problems with really smart solutions.

Happy Customer

Ravi Kumar

Head of FE

Working with Ravi was a real pleasure and he is so fast! He's also very communicative and amazing at explaining how everything works. I am very impressed!

Happy Customer

Daniel Forrester

Java Dev

Daniel knows his stuff! I love how much thought he put into planning before each sprint. It really helped us avoid problems down the line.

Happy Customer

Nick Rubino


The word to best describe Nick is 'All-Rounder'. Tech Skills, Design Skills, Communication Skills, Marketing Know-How, Leadership, ... I couldn't have asked for a better Product Owner.

Happy Customer
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