Data-Driven Results

Starts with Quidtree

Gather all you data in one place and use your data for the most efficient marketing automation.

If you aren't using your Data to drive your marketing, you're doing something wrong.


Product Marketing

500+ templates to get your products on all the search comparison sites out there, while automatically and continuously optimizing your selection - This is Feed Management 2.0.

  • use your performance data to automatically remove non-converting products
  • use your data from your returns to stop spending CPC on products with a high return rate
  • use your SEO data to optimize your titles, descriptions and keywords
  • use data for your competitor analysis to stand out
94% of online shoppers invest time in finding the best-priced product before they finalize a purchase. Make sure your products are found where your customers are searching.​​


Performance Marketing

Use all of your performance variables available to continuously optimize campaigns, including defining optimal CPCs, budgets and targets based on your data.

  • assess your CTR in comparison to your CVR and remove costly ads that don't convert
  • adjust your bids and budget based on your margins and CVRs
  • pin-point optimal audience spending
  • use performance data to identify ideal products for ideal targets
If you’re marketing products with a 95% + return rate, you’re spending money to lose money. Use your data for better spending and better returns.


Marketplace Management

Don't just send your product to marketplaces, define which to products to promote where.

  • compare competitor prices and define your strategy accordingly​
  • have your marketplace management and marketplace marketing work together
  • automate marketplace taxonomy mappings via Articial Intelligne rule sets
  • take error feedbacks and fix errors automatically, ensuring your products are live as soon as possible
Are you spending money on marketplace marketing just to lead your clients to your competitors? If you don’t know the answer, reach out to us.


Search Engine Optimization

Actually using your organic keyword data to optimize your SEO - continuously and automatically.

  • update your site to include organic keywords, improving your search rankings
  • update your bids to include organic keywords, to improve your CTR
  • update your campaigns to include your organic keywords, to improve your CPC spending
  • update your alt tags to include organic keywords and converting paid keywords
If your customers are finding you with certain search terms, your site and ads should include these terms. Use your organic keywords to optimize search rankings.


Media Creation

Create data-drvien Images/Videos/GIFs that get updated as your data changes.

  • create product ads and update prices automatically
  • create automated weekly GIFs for new products on sale
  • update banners to always showcase the best products with the best CTR
  • automate collection previews after each release
32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business.


Dynamic Pricing

Optimize your pricing for your website and marketplace - and maintain control of what gets updated where, when and how.

  • optimize your prices to get the most out of your sales
  • keep on top of your competitors
  • use dynamic pricing in conjunction with sales, offers, holidays, you name it.
  • optimize marketplace pricing
Using price optimization software to keep track of your competitors and trends can improve your gross margins by up to 10%. What’s more, using dynamic pricing has seen profit boosts of 25%.


Reports & Analyses

With all your data in one place, get real-time reports to compare and understand your spending, sales and more.

  • all your data gathered and ideally summarized​
  • historical analyses and future prognoses
  • breaking down costs, attributing a monetary value to your conversions
  • what-if's performed on a large scale basis
Why are your top sellers performing so well? What’s trending? Why is a certain product group performing poorly? Use your data to gather as much insight as possible.​



Manage jobs in one place - have them updated everywhere else.

  • create new jobs on jobs marketplace as soon as they are added
  • automatically define bidding based on fulfillment priority
  • remove job listings from marketplaces as soon enough inquiries come in
  • get reports to edit listing if not enough inquiries come in
You manage your open job positions on your site already. Sync your listings up with job marketplaces, instead of manually adding and managing them in multiple platforms.

All Summed Up

Data-Driven Marketing

All our data in one place
Means efficient use of your data

All of the control at your finger tips without any IT needed

Data-driven actions, Better results, Automated processes

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