Better, easier, faster data transfers

The new standard in data transfers: Quidtree is a pioneer in data connectivity and the best software platform to tackle your data transfer problems.


Embedded Portal for Data Transfers

For Software Companies & B2B Platforms

Add our portal onto your platform to give your users the easiest way to import their data into your solution.

Automation Solution For Big Data

For Ecommerce Companies & Web Shops

Use our software to gather, sync and optimize all your business data and send it to where it needs to go.

Our mission is to make data connectivty easier.

Quidtree builds the most powerful and flexible tools for getting data from A to B. Whether you’re a software solution or a marketplace, that needs to simplify the import process for your customers, or you’re an e-commerce store that needs to gather all your data from third parties to automate business activities, Quidtree’s meticulously designed solutions empower every non-tech business user to manage the constant flow of data coming in and going out. 

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Automated and Triggered Imports and Exports

Keep all your data up-to-date: Select a schedule or a trigger for automated imports and exports.

Advanced AI-Drvien Business Rules
Our business rules are easy to use. Just drag-and-drop a rule to optimize or normalize your data to meet the data specifications of your export. And/Or-conditions give you control at every level.
Large collection of data sources that keeps growing
Import everything! Everyday new data sources get added, let you connect to whereever you need to connect to.
Drag and Drop Data Flows
We’ve opened up the black box, making the flow of all your data easy to understand and manage.
Super Fast Data Views
Data Transparacency at its best: Check your data and configurations before your export to ensure data quality.


Automated Processes

Manual data collections and edits is a thing of the past. Save time, money and frustration with scheduled and triggered imports and exports.

  • Easy-to-use scheduler
  • High stability
  • Overview, history and everything you need to keep track of your automated processes

Eliminate your manual processes for good!

Advanced Insight

Discover and understand key findings hidden within your data dispersed through various third party solutions – either your own data or your clients data.

  • Error messages, warnings, tips and alerts
  • Customizable templates
  • Smart organization for better data insight

Tackle data overload like a champ!

Higher User Engagement

By allowing your user to setup automated imports and exports, they can use your software to its full potential!

  • User-friendly portal
  • Facilitating documents and managed support
  • Feature requests and usability surveys

Your users deserve the best:

Enhanced Product

Our import and export button is part of your platform. Offer it to users for a better UX or even resell it as a premium feature.

  • Better userability
  • Happier clients
  • Better data quality

Use our automation to enhance the value of your platform.

Better Customer Support

We’ve opened up the black box, making the flow of all your users’ data easy to understand and manage. Our embed data transfer portal isn’t just for you – it’s for your users as well!

  • Transparent data flows and transfer history
  • Easier problem identification
  • Better collaboration

Improve the Account Management of your SaaS by removing the black-box:

Accelerated Sales

Get your leads into your platform immediately either through better more user-specific demos or even through automated registers.

  • Smoother and quicker integrations and onboarding
  • Easier demos
  • Faster to sales

Reduce the onboarding times of your platform:

Reduced IT-Burden

Have your developers concentrate on the real value creation within your platform. While you focus on your core competencies, we’ll take care of the data transfers, including all API maintenance. Plus, by removing the black-box users and account managers are no IT-independant.

  • Less work and maintenace fro your developers
  • Focus on core-competencies
  • Get years of development out-of-the-box

Free up your IT:

Use Cases

Import everything. Export anything. Do it everywhere.

Quidtree is an import and export button that you can configure and embed on to your software, to enhance your product, to automate manual processes, and to give your users the best data transfers available.


Make your martech solution better than the rest, by allowing your users to import dynamically whatever they need into your platform – such as their returns, their costs, data enrichment attributes, results from keyword analysis, or whatever else might influence the success of their marketing activities.

IoT & Sensory

Your platform to show and manage your device data doesn’t have to stop there. Let your users import the data from their other devices, complimentary location data, further enrichment attributes or statistical benchmark. Or give them a customizable export button, for the automated exports of their data as a feed, straight to their FTP, or directly to a third party service, such as a SCADA.

Ecommerce Marketplaces

Get shops to use your marketplace easier than ever before! With Quidtree, there is no more entry barrier: no IT-projects necessary for API setups. One-click-integration can turn your aspiring marketplace into to the place everyone wants to be at.

Travel Marketplaces

Travel data can be complex, typically a highly embeddable JSON or XML file. Quidtree’s dynamic customer parsing, lets any (non-tech) user, edit their complex data sets and optimize it for your platform: No XSLT, no scripts, no IT needed.

Search Comparison Sites

The more products on your comparison site, the better your service. Remove the entry barrier, stopping every single from being on your platform, to provide even better more in depth and more inclusive price comparisons.

Import everything. Export anything.

Quidtree is a web-based Software-as-a-Service for automated data transfers. Use our tool to gather and import all of your data regularly and automatically. Edit, sync, map, enrich, optimize and normalize your data for each of your customizable exports.

Product Data Feed Management

Your product data consists of master data, performance data, financial data and loads of other data typically spread otu across many platforms. Furthermore, most SCSs and marketplace enforce strict standards for how your product data needs to be structured. With Quidtree you can easily manage all of your product data, sync your data sources together, and optimize your data set each export.


Missing data in your reports can scew the results. Use Quidtree to make sure all the data you need is present in your reports and dashboards. Only then will you have true, measurable insight.

Marketplace Management

Connecting to ecommerce marketplaces is a hassle, since direct imports are non-existent and data quality standards are strict. Use Quidtree to optimize your product data for each marketplace and ensure your products get approved.

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Embedded Portal for Data Transfers

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Automation Solution For Big Data

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